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Escape the crowds and experience the Lincolnshire Coast's lesser-known attractions, places to eat and things to do.

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Off the beaten track

Embark on a journey of seaside discovery as you uncover the lesser-known treasures scattered along our picturesque coastline. With over 50 miles of natural coast to explore, it's no surprise that the area is packed full of hidden spots, from quiet beaches to quirky attractions.

Unveil the region's best-kept secrets waiting to be uncovered and escape the busy seaside crowds. Experience the quirky delights of The Cloud Bar, or enjoy a pint by the sea at the unique Admiral Benbow beachside pub. Traverse the tranquil sand dunes at Anderby Creek, with stretches of nature reserves in either direction and enjoy serene coastal walks where you can discover the Structures on the Edge installations. Trek an alpaca, dive with sharks, ride on a preserved potato railway, or be amazed by the views at The North Sea Observatory.

Whether you're seeking new adventures, or simply craving the tranquillity of lesser-visited delights on the Lincolnshire Coast, you can find it all right here with our Hidden Gems.

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