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Getting to the seaside doesn't need to be a hassle. Whether you're travelling from nearby cities or further afield, reaching the stunning shores of the Lincolnshire Coast is easy and convenient.

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By Road

If you enjoy the flexibility of driving, reaching the Lincolnshire Coast by car is straightforward. It takes around 3 hours to get to the heart of the Lincolnshire Coast from London, and just 2 hours from Nottingham. From major cities like Lincoln, Nottingham, and Leicester, follow these routes:

  • From Lincoln: Take the A158 eastbound towards Skegness.
  • From Nottingham: Head east on the A52 towards Skegness or take the A46 northbound towards Grimsby.
  • From Leicester: Travel northeast on the A46 towards Grimsby.

Along the way, you'll pass through charming countryside villages and rural landscapes making for a scenic journey through Lincolnshire. During the summer holidays and weekends, expect a high volume of traffic and possibly delays. The Lincolnshire Coast and particularly Skegness is a popular destination to visit by car during peak season.

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By Train

Travelling to the Lincolnshire Coast by train offers convenience and the opportunity to relax while enjoying the scenic views. East Midlands Railway (EMR) operates a frequent train service to Skegness. Skegness Railway Station provides direct train services to Nottingham, Sheffield and Leicester and it takes less than 3 hours to get from London to Skegness by train making it an appealing location to visit for a short break or weekend away. Be sure to check National Rail for train schedules, ticket prices, and booking options in advance of your journey.

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By Bus

Bus services are available to and from various towns along the Lincolnshire Coast, providing an affordable and convenient travel option during your stay. Provided by Stagecoach, the Skegness Seasiders are a great way to travel around the coast for families, many of which are open-top. For visitors looking to travel from Lincoln by bus, there is an hourly service to and from Skegness which takes under 2 hours. Plan your journey in advance and check bus schedules and routes for the most up-to-date information.

Nearby Airports

While there are no airports directly serving the Lincolnshire Coast, the nearest airports are:

  • Humberside Airport: Located near Grimsby, approximately 30 miles from the north Lincolnshire Coast.
  • East Midlands Airport (EMA): Situated near Nottingham, approximately 70 miles from Skegness.

From these airports, you can rent a car or use public transportation to reach your final destination on the Lincolnshire Coast.

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For the adventurous traveller, cycling to the Lincolnshire Coast can be a rewarding experience. The area is accessible via several cycling trails depending on your location including Boston and Lincoln. Plan your route carefully or find out more with Cycle Lincolnshire.

Before setting off, we advise you to check for any travel updates, road closures, or disruptions that may affect your journey.

With many transport options available, getting to the Lincolnshire Coast is straightforward, giving you the control to focus on a relaxing holiday.

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