Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway

Experience Lincolnshire railway history at the Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway, a heritage attraction near Skegness at Water Leisure Park. Enjoy vintage rides through scenic countryside.

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The Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway is a narrow-gauge heritage railway located at the award-winning Water Leisure Park near Skegness. Visitors can enjoy a ride on the vintage tracks, explore the railway’s history, and take in Lincolnshire’s scenic countryside on the way.The attraction is well-known for its impressive collection of well-preserved railway equipment, tracks, and engines. Experience immersive rides set against a scenic Lincolnshire backdrop. Great for family visits, the railway runs throughout the summer from May to October with alternating dates showcasing ‘Jurassic’, the steam engine and their impressive diesel engine, taking visitors on a tour of their 1.2km tracks.The Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway Historic Vehicles Trust is responsible for the restoration, and maintenance of, a historically important collection of ex-World War 1 trench railway vehicles. The railway attraction gives visitors the chance to experience these vehicles first-hand.The ‘Light’ Railway operates on a 2-foot narrow-gauge track, which is smaller than most standard railways. The railway was constructed back in the 1960s by a group of railway enthusiasts who aimed to preserve the heritage of the Lincolnshire Potato Railways, which were used throughout much of the 1900s to transport potato crops from the fields to the next stage of their onward rural journey. The narrow tracks and short distance of the Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway are indicative of those original potato railways, all of which are now retired.Dogs are welcome at the Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway.

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