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From Alpaka trekking and farm animal petting, to nature reserve seal spotting, the Lincolnshire Coast has a range of animal attractions, experiences, and places to visit that are sure to spark your love for the natural world.

The Lincolnshire Coast offers a vast stretch of natural shoreline, rich with dunes, salt marshes, nature reserves, and protected wildlife areas. From the tranquil birdwatching haven of Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve to the beach-dune delights of the Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park, there's an essence of seaside serenity tempting nature enthusiasts throughout the year.

Behind many of the beaches lie extensive dunes and salt marshes which provide habitats for various species of wildlife and plants and become a haven for birdwatchers during migration season. Offshore sandbanks serve as breeding grounds for grey seals at Donna Nook Nature Reserve, a wildlife estuary ranked as one of the best places to see wild seals in England.

Several nature reserves dot the Lincolnshire Coast, offering protected habitats for a diversity of wildlife and plants. With guided trails, bird hides, and educational programs, these reserves offer an engaging space to experience a rich wildlife ecosystem. Expect scenic coastal trails, open stretches of natural landscapes, and an abundance of spaces for birdwatching.

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