Discover Lincolnshire's natural coast with a fantastic array of nature reserves, beaches and things to do.

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A seaside paradise for natural escapes

Discover everything the Lincolnshire Coast offers for nature lovers, all in one place. Immerse yourself in the tranquil coastal landscapes, from golden sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see to vast nature reserves teeming with birds and wildlife. Explore serene sand dunes and sea marshes at Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve, a haven for wildlife, birdwatchers, and nature enthusiasts alike. In the winter, Donna Nook Nature Reserve becomes home to a spectacular sight of grey seals and their pups during breeding season. With hidden gems stretched along the Lincolnshire Coastal County Park, and miles of natural beaches to explore, there's so much to uncover on the Lincolnshire Coast for nature lovers. Whether you're seeking adventure or simply craving a peaceful retreat amidst nature, you can use this page to find coastal walking routes, uncover the best nature reserves, or discover a seaside nature retreat. Be inspired by our nature blogs, offers, or events taking place throughout the year.

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Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park

Spanning from the golden shores of Sandilands to the charming views in Chapel St Leonards, and extending inland to Hogsthorpe, Mumby, Anderby, and Huttoft, The Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park unfolds as a sensational vista of natural beauty and wonder. Here, miles of intact sandy beaches weave with rich nature reserves, offering a haven for both visitors and wildlife. Besides the park's many natural features, there are also numerous iconic attractions such as the Cloud Bar, Sound Tower, and Round and Round House, each offering a unique perspective of the glorious coastal scenery.

Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park

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