The Cloud Bar

Located at Anderby Creek, north of Skegness, The Cloud Bar is an interactive cloud watching outpost with space to observe the vast sky.

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About This Business

Located in Anderby Creek, just North of Skegness, the Cloud Bar is the UK’s first permanent cloud-watching outpost, which opened in 2009. It was officially opened by Paul Hudson, a BBC weather forecaster and climate correspondent and serves as an opportunity for visitors to take a moment to appreciate the overlooked beauty of the sky above us. The Cloud Bar is positioned along the sand dunes in a natural stretch of the Lincolnshire coast called the 'Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park'. This long stretch of sandy shores acts as a haven for wildlife and offers a peaceful place for walking, bird watching, and nature observing, making it the perfect place for The Cloud Bar. Anderby Creek was recognised as an official cloud spotting area by the Cloud Appreciation Society.The Cloud Bar features specifically designed cloud gazing chairs, which are angled to give you a great view of the sky above. Instructions are on top of the bar, which includes information on what to look for and how to enjoy the simple act of looking at the sky. Akin to most other 'bars', The Cloud Bar does have a menu, but not the kind you might expect, The Cloud Menu explains how to identify all different kinds of clouds, and how you would be able to spot them in the sky. Take the time to appreciate the moment, and experience something new on a visit to Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park with The Cloud Bar.

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