Chapel Pit Nature Reserve

Chapel Pit Nature Reserve in Lincolnshire is ideal for bird watching. Created from clay excavation after 1953 floods, the reserve hosts habitat for local wildlife.

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Chapel Pit Nature Reserve is a Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust 3-hectare nature reserve to the north of the seaside village of Chapel St. Leonards. Sea banks were significantly damaged by floods in 1963, and clay was excavated to repair them, which is how aquatic loving reserves like Chapel Pit are created. This reserve makes up part of the south end of the Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park between Anderby Creek and Chapel St. Leonards. It can be enjoyed with access from the beach, or parking is available at Chapel Six Marshes. This small wildlife reserve features two lakes, opening the space up to a wonderful selection of aquatic plants, including water crowfoot and great reed mace. The reserve is home to an impressive selection of duck species, particularly in the winter months. Find out more about the Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park and how you can visit the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves on a coast walk.

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