• 23 Jul, 2019

Come and Support the Teenage Market

The Teenage Market is a fast-growing national initiative that's transforming town and city centres with the creativity of young people.

On Tuesday 20th August The Teenage Market will be coming to the Lincolnshire Coast. If you have the chance to come down and support this event then it will be taking place 10am - 4pm in the Tower Gardens, Skegness PE25 3LZ.

The Teenage Market gives young people a free platform to showcase their creative talents. It’s all about supporting the next generation of market traders and bringing an influx of energy, vibrancy and diversity to towns across the UK. Our events are the perfect opportunity for markets to connect with their town’s population of young people, by providing a platform for them to be entrepreneurial, trial new business ideas and sell creative products.

As well as a creative retail offer, a really important part of our Teenage Market events is performance. Whether it's young bands, dancers, musicians or stand-up comedians, our events are an amazing opportunity for young performers to showcase their creative talents in the heart of their town or city. The events are also great for large, local community groups to showcase their unique skills and talents, who also bring along friends and family for support.

When combined, the creative fusion of specialist retail and live performance creates a thriving and bustling marketplace which succeeds in attracting a new generation of shoppers and visitors to our nation's local markets. Our Teenage Market events have proven that giving a free platform to aspiring young entrepreneurs and performers can transform our town and city centres, animate our high streets and revitalise our local markets.