After an independent month-long Postal Ballot, eligible businesses operating across the Lincolnshire Coast have finished voting and a ‘NO Vote’ has been secured which means that the Visit Lincs Coast Destination Business Improvement District will not operate for a second five-year term (2022-27).

The declaration was announced by John Medler, Monitoring Officer (on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer at East Lindsey Council) at 4pm today who acted as the Returning Officer on behalf of Civica UK.

Speaking on behalf of the Visit Lincs Coast BID Company, Sid Dennis (Chairman) said: ‘Lincolnshire Coastal BID brought a vast number of benefits and services to the Lincolnshire Coast to support the economy and ultimately raise the profile of this area.

The work achieved by this BID has been commendable; comprehensive marketing strategies and campaigns reaching millions of people worldwide, the countless successful events supported through the funding application and event mgmt. processes as well the BIDs very own flagship events; the Business Support mechanisms such as the FREE Learning and Development courses available through the Skills Portal located on the ‘Visit Lincs Coast’ website and Environmental Projects to help maintain the coast as green, clean, and attractive.

Without Visit Lincs Coast BID we are very concerned about who will now be the voice for the coast. While our competitors, through their own BIDs will be able to continue to invest heavily in marketing, events, and infrastructure to help them in what is going to be a very difficult 12 -18 months. This will no longer be the case for our area with the risks that will bring e.g., over 10 million people saw our tv advert this year, what will replace it in 2023!

It is truly disappointing that businesses across the Lincolnshire coast could not realise the benefits the BID brought to the area. I would like to thank the BID Board for giving up their time for free, the BID Operation’s team for their continued hard work and all those who have supported the organisation throughout its term.

All services will begin to cease from tomorrow - 1st September 2022’.

Further details are available on the ELDC Website.

Yours faithfully

Sid Dennis CHAIRMAN, Lincolnshire Coastal DBID