• 05 Jun, 2020

The ACT app

As we move out of lockdown into the next stage of recovery, sadly we need to start thinking about old threats faced by places across the country.

One of the biggest threats remains Terrorism.

With this in mind, the National Counter Terrorism Security Office have launched an App for iOS and Android called the ACT app.

The App contains:

  • Practical advice and guidance to help you protect your business, plus information on how to respond in the event of an attack
  • Information on CT Policing’s suite of ACT training products, plus access to the online e-Learning package
  • Suite of NaCTSO guidance videos
  • Latest reference documents and publications
  • ACT online reporting form and confidential hotline
  • Emergency response and post-incident guidance
  • Live-time news updates from UK Protect

The aim is for all UK Businesses to provide this tool to their staff in order for them to access the information it contains. Once downloaded, users need to register via ct@highfieldlearning.com to gain access.

How to sign up:

Download the Urim app in Google Play or App Store.

Then email ct@highfieldelearning.com to request a user name and password.

Please note access is for business/ professional use only.

For more information on the project click here or here