Stagecoach Seasiders

Jump aboard the Skegness Seasiders, your ultimate travel companions in Skegness!

Join me, Rocky, and my friends Candy, Pierre, Sandy, Salty, Shelly, Rolly, Sunny, Sweetie and Milly as we take you on a tour of Skegness’ seafront and help you on your holiday this season!

We are a family of ten, individually-named character buses who run up and down the coastline in Skegness. Helping visitors and holidaymakers to get around the seaside attractions with ease, we explore the various resorts with a friendly face and fun music!

We are each painted with a different patterned design depicting a classic seaside theme, so you won’t miss us! For example, Candy is covered in candy floss while our friend Rolly is decorated like a rollercoaster! My name is Rocky, so I’m painted like a stick of rock, of course!

You can hop on one of our buses every ten minutes, on route 3 from Easter to October, and our open tops mean that you can enjoy the sunny weather and panoramic views of Skegness’ coastline during these warmer months of the year. We are particularly popular with children, who can ride for only £1 when they visit the seaside resorts with us!

Every time you travel, you can collect one of our unique character badges. Collect six or more badges and you can receive a free Skegness Seasider goodie bag when you take them to the Stagecoach Travelshop at the Interchange on Richmond Drive. So, start collecting now!

We also have our own range of merchandise, including my Rocky t-shirts and children’s storybooks, which are sold to raise money for charity. Our last Seasider book raised £500 for our 2018 chosen charity, Childline!

The main Seasider stops are along Skegness seafront including Butlins, Fantasy Island, and Ingoldmells.

Me, and the rest of the Seasider family can’t wait to welcome you on board this season!