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Lincolnshire’s Skegness Laser Quest at Skegness Pier offers an adrenaline-packed, neon-lit experience with laser tag and Gellyball, providing family-friendly action on the Skegness seafront.

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Skegness Laser Quest is an adrenaline-pumping, action-packed family attraction in the iconic entertainment complex Skegness Pier. Be transported into a competitive and immersive real-life gaming experience pitting you against your friends and family in a laser fire battle zone. Both the Laser Quest & The Gellyball are ideal for family adventures. The games are played in the neon glow of a dark maze, with obstacles, twists and turns and dark corners to hide behind and surprise your opponents. Located right on the seafront of Skegness, the Laser Quest & Gelly Ball is an ideal location for family seaside visits on the coast.What is Laser Quest?Laser Quest is a popular indoor tag game played in a special dark indoor arena. In laser quest, the aim of the game is to ‘capture’ your opponents by shooting them with your handheld lasers and targeting the sensors on their vests. The Laser Quest arena is an immersive indoor maze with special neon lighting and impressive theming to transport you and your team into a futuristic neon battleground. Every game of Laser Quest includes a safety briefing and kit up and lasts around 15 minutes of action-packed gameplay.What is Gelly Ball?Gellyball offers a ‘more fun, less pain’ neon action-packed activity perfect for families. Open to guests aged 9+. Gellyball uses electric rifles that shoot water orbs and allow for a much lighter impact and no mess than traditional paintball. Children aged 9-11 are supplied with protective vests. This attraction is a fun and active group activity suitable for families and groups. Find out more about the exciting attractions inside the Skegness Pier.

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