Farmer Browns Ice Cream Parlour

Farmer Brown’s Ice Cream Parlour, a family café near the Lincolnshire Coast serving fresh ice cream using local produce, with many flavours and desserts.

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About This Business

Located in Lincolnshire’s rural coastal countryside, Farmer Brown’s Ice Cream is a rustic café & ice cream parlour located at Woodrow Farm, a family-run farm between Sutton-On-Sea and Chapel St. Leonards. Starting back in 2012, Farmer Browns is now open 7 days a week and features a coffee house and farm shop priding itself on its authentic local produce, homegrown foods and handmade ice cream.

The impressive selection of farm-made ice creams are all produced on-site using their Holstein Friesian dairy cows, which produce some of the tastiest, rich milk in the area. The farm is a great way to get an authentic sample of Lincolnshire’s agricultural brilliance, not too far from the coast’s popular seaside towns. Inside the café, you can enjoy a good selection of meals, including hungry farmer breakfasts, beef stews, jacket potatoes, homemade sandwiches, and some of their well-loved toasties.

The farm shop café is committed to supporting local producers and growers. Sourcing meat from local butchers in Sutton-On-Sea, beef made from their own cattle, and other produce from local farmers near Alford, the food here is a true selection of Lincolnshire’s best. With the county’s impressive agricultural heritage, Farmer Browns gives you a unique chance to experience the ‘field-to-fork’, which makes Lincolnshire truly stand out. The farm shop also stocks homemade and locally sourced products, with all the expected farm shop essentials and some handmade surprises too.

Farmer Brown’s is well worth a visit during a holiday on the Lincolnshire Coast, and with a lineup of events taking place throughout the year, including tractor runs, seasonal meals, festive celebrations, and craft market days, you can expect an authentic rural experience whenever you choose to visit.

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