Lincolnshire Coastal Cottages

Luxury coastal stays at Lincolnshire Coastal Cottages. A collection of dog-friendly beach holiday retreats with seven elegantly restored cottages offering rural charm near Skegness.

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About This Business

Lincolnshire Coastal Cottages is a collection of luxury country self-catering holiday homes on the Lincolnshire Coast. A family-run business, the coastal cottages have been in the family for four generations and have been since tastefully restored to bring a modern and elegant traditional allure. Each cottage is dog-friendly and features a secure paddock for them to enjoy. The Cottages offer rural charm, with rustic country décor and a flavour of seaside luxury. Split between two sites on the Lincolnshire Coast, the collection features 7 unique cottages. 6 of these are located at the edge of Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve, and the other cottage is a beach house at Anderby Creek in the Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park.

Gibraltar Barns

Gibraltar Barns, located at the tranquil edge of the Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve, offers a selection of 1,2, or 3-bed cottages, each equipped with a private garden and open-air hot tubs. Renovated from an old barnyard, the cottages boast their original exposed brickwork and oak beams, tastefully restored to carry through the building's rustic charm. The cottages are a stone’s throw from Lincolnshire's peaceful sandy beaches, the wildlife wonders of the Wildlife Trust reserve, and Seacroft Golf Course. Nestled in Skegness’ open countryside, a stay at the Gibraltar Barns will bring beautiful sunsets, vast starry skies, and panoramic views of the surrounding rural landscape.

Torwood at Anderby Creek

Located at Anderby Creek in the stunning nature of the Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park, Torwood offers a spacious getaway in a quaint beach house-style cottage near a quiet stretch of beach. The beach here is one of the UK's best-kept secrets and provides a tranquil escape, especially rewarding in the winter months. Enjoy stretches of unspoilt Lincolnshire coastline in either direction and relax in this private accommodation just meters from the beach. Guests at the Lincolnshire Coastal Cottages are greeted with a complimentary welcome hamper. Experience an authentic self-catering break and sample Lincolnshire's best local produce at a nearby farm shop.

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