Bennetts Butchers

A family-run Butchers shop, Bennetts Butchers is known for high-quality locally sourced meats with signature Lincolnshire sausage and local products for sale.

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About This Business

Based in Sutton-on-Sea, Bennetts Butchers is a family-run local butchers offering high-quality cuts of meat sourced from local farmers in Lincolnshire. Bennetts Butcher's cures prepares, and bakes all their products freshly each day, from cured bacon to cooked pork pies.Traditional Lincolnshire products are their claim to fame with products like Lincolnshire haslet and their speciality Lincolnshire sausage.Bennetts pride themselves on using traditional methods and techniques passed down through generations to make their signature sausages.Another Bennetts classic is their pork pies, made with a secret recipe which has been in the family for four generations.

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