• 01 Jun, 2020

Social Distancing Packs Available to Levy Paying Businesses

UPDATE 16/06/2020, due to overwhelming response we have now stopped providing the sanitising kits. We have provided over 300 businesses with the kits to help them reopen safely.

We are looking to help you reopen your business following COVID-19.

We are currently offering levy paying businesses a free social distancing pack to help you begin to open.

The packs are limited to one pack per business and each pack consists of:

Social Distancing Posters

Social Distancing Floor Vinyl (Unavailable)

Business restart sanitiser kit (Unavailable)

Please note that these materials are limited and pack contents may vary.

Post Updated 09/06/2020:

Please note due to a current shortage in the materials used for the floor vinyl, we are offering packs of sanitiser and posters ONLY.

If you would like to download and print your own additional posters they can be downloaded A3 here A4 here