Place Based Skegness - “World Café"

The Lincolnshire Police are seeking out finical support in the hopes to raise money through business' contributions.

The "World Cafe" event at the Pavilion Cafe Skegness (dates to be confirmed), aims to bring the community together and discuss their 'big issues' which can be then be used as motivation towards change. 

Within their PB (participatory budget) they have £5,000 with the aims to achieve £20,000!

  • 100- 150 of Skegness community will attend
  • Discuss issues that are needed to be resolved in the town
  • Support local projects
  •  Drinks, biscuits and cakes which are all supported by the Lincolnshire Co-op will be provided
  • An artist will be there to capture debate and issues visually.
  • Media will attend

For any enquires contact