Coastal Local Development Order (LDO) and Risk Assessment/Evacuation Plan templates

The purpose of the adopted Coastal LDO is to assist holiday and caravan parks within the defined Coastal Zone with their recovery from the economic impact of Covid-19, as well as encouraging the broader economic regeneration of the area. This will allow approved sites within the zone to be open for holiday purposes at any time between 1st March to 5th January the following year.

One of the requirements of the order is to provide a Flood Risk Assessment and an Evacuation Plan of the designated site. To support businesses, Lincolnshire Coastal Destination BID has commissioned a Flood Risk Management Consultant to draft the attached templates to assist those of you who wish to proceed with an application for an extended season. The consultant has worked closely with Paul Edwards at ELDC to ensure that the templates reflect what is required from their perspective. These templates can be used for future applications should the need arise.

You must follow the Guidance for making Coastal Local Development Order notifications, therefore please follow and complete the points as illustrated in the link below.

Guidance for making LDO notifications

We have provided you with the link to the ELDC website which gives full details on the LDO, including fees applicable and where to send your completed documents to. It also includes an update on the consideration as to whether the Secretary of State ought to modify or revoke the Coastal Zone Local Development Order. The outcome to concerns raised by Lincolnshire County Council and the Environment Agency will also be provided here once a response has been received from the Chief Planner.

Coastal LDO

In the meantime please find the templates for your season extension application below:

Please be advised that the guidance material enclosed is designed to assist you through the preparation of your application, please follow the instructions carefully and include all documentation required to support your application. (The documents that we have provided you with cannot guarantee a successful application, however they will form an important part of the documents required for your submission to ELDC).

If you need further assistance, you can contact the consultant directly by emailing Please note that you may incur charges for additional consultation.

If you have any questions that the BID may be able to assist you with, please contact us at - Office Hours - Monday - Friday 9.00 am to 5 pm - Tel: 01754 611845